Introducing: Stella Jean

African wax prints have been on my mind lately, don’t know why but I’m tottaly flipping on the multi-colored fabrics and have been wandering Etsy and the world wide web in search of some African wax gorgeousness. That’s how I bumped into Stella Jean, a half Creole, half Italian designer living in Rome. The lady merges her both cultures seamlessley together into an ab fab collection of lovely dresses, skirts and blouses. Yours truIy is also a rumble jumble of cultures and Stella’s approach has got me totally intrigued. It’s modern shapes, a dash of stripes and a mix of amazing and colorful traditional wax prints making my heart go in fashion overdive.

Hello, amazing skirt and dress! I can see you wrapped around me till the end of days…

Unfortunately, Stella Jean has no selling points in Belgium and NO online shop of her own (I know!)!!!! So what to rely on? Well, the scarce amount of e-boutiques that do sell a very small selection of  Stella Jean and the hope that someday soon the lady will initiate her own online selling activities. Or you could always just grab a flight and go Stella wild in one of the many selling points in Italy, I might go for the latter option…

There’s a quirky video to the SS 2012 collection and as a matter of preview, some more Stella Jean for the winter of 2012…… D.R.O.O.L….

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