The Russian Fashion Design Pack

Every now and then I go back to my roots as I love the fact that Russian blood runs through my veins. My dearest grandfather Mister Kiriloff inspired me once to start learning Russian, but somewhere along this process I started working and had to abort my good Russian intentions which now results in me not understanding a fraction of what the lovely Russians have to say. I already mentioned my adoration for the Russian pack (sorry it’s written in Dutch) better known as Miroslava Duma, Anja Ziourova, Elena Perminova, Vika Gazinskaya and Ulyana Sergeenko… a magnificent cinque of amazingly styled ladies… taking it into further consideration, these ladies should actually be prohibited as they are according to me too gorgeous for words and have the most perfect sense of style I’ve ever seen.

So yes, there’s an amazing fashion buzz going on in La Russia and that’s why it’s time to introduce you to some of the amazing fashion talent that has my heart going boom boom boom. And even though I can’t afford even a sleeve of what these fashion mavens produce, I can’t stop admiring the creations and hoping someday I’ll be able to pay the hard cash some of these lovely Russian designers are worth…

The self promoting prophecy: Vika Gazinskaya

Vika promotes her own designs on each and every fashion week, her images are all over the various streetsyle fashion blogs and her creations are pure couture. The lady likes playing with volumes, adores exaggerated proportions and has the most fascinating ideas when it comes to prints (childlike scribbles are all over her SS 2012 collection). She also adores the use of colors and creates the most fascinating and photogenic dresses, tops and skirts ever. Her creations are available at Colette.

Images via Citizen Couture and Vika Gazinskaya

The talented Mr. Terekhov: Alexander Terekhov

Fashion whizzkid Alexander Terekhov has this gift of transforming aristocratic classics into elegant and stylish fashion that I’d certainly  enjoy wearing on a daily base… he’s young very talented and one of Russia’s upcoming designers. Expect to see much more of his beautiful floaty dresses, prints and elegant silhouettes during the many fashion weeks to come.

Images via Vogue Russia

Little Miss Perfect: Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko intrigued me from the very first moment I caught a sight of her…  she has the looks of a doll, a flamboyant posture and this divine retro aura surrounding her… she’s gentle and kind and always willing to strike a pose. She’s a streetstyle darling and I hereby admit that I’m totally in love with her and her wicked sense of style. Her creations are totally swoon worthy, vintage inspired, feminine, sexy and ridiculously elegant.




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